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March Writing Update

Thanks for joining me on my writing journey. I plan to send out a monthly newsletter with publishing updates, new project info, and other fun tidbits.

Publishing Updates

In October my agent and I submitted the book proposal for Rockhill to several major publishers. It generally takes two to six months to hear back. Traditional publishing is a looonnnggg process. In January we submitted to a group of Independent publishers. Right now, it is all quiet on the western front. This part of the process requires much patience and prayer.

In the meantime, I've kept writing.

New Projects

I'm finishing up work on a Young Adult fantasy novel with strong Christian themes called Jason Walker and the Fortress of Light. I figured I couldn't just sit around waiting, right? Might as well keep writing. Here's the pitch:

Never go into the woods. They’re full of monsters. At least that’s what Jason Walker was always told. But Jason is forced into them by Corey and his gang of bullies. In the forest he discovers a secret world hidden within the mountains— full of mythical creatures, the Fortress of Light, and an ominous darkness that threatens all of Kareth.

Theme Verse For The Month

Fun Opportunity

I recently traveled to the Asheville Christian Writers Conference and met so many wonderful authors who are seeking to bring positive messages about God's hope and love into the world. The conference was at the Billy Graham Training Center-- The Cove. It felt like I was walking on holy ground.

What I'm Currently Reading

At the conference I got to meet Sarah Loudin Thomas. I'm currently reading her book The Right Kind Of Fool. Halfway in and it is fantastic. The novel is about a boy who is deaf who discovers a body in the woods. Intrigued, yet?

Until April...


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