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Forest Scene

Jason Walker and the Fortress of Light

David Bonnema

Never go into the woods. They’re full of monsters. At least that’s what Jason Walker was always told. But Jason is forced into them by Corey and his gang of bullies. In the forest he discovers a secret world hidden within the mountains— full of mythical creatures, an ancient fortress, and an ominous darkness that threatens all of Kareth.

In the newly discovered fortress, Jason learns the truth: all people have a light within them. Something true, something real. Yet there is a force that seeks to darken it. When a person becomes darkened, they look the same on the outside (although some say their pupils are a shade darker), but they are no longer themselves. They are working for the shadows. Jason must determine who's darkened, who's illumined, and who's being targeted next.

A cross between Harry Potter and A Wrinkle in Time. This novel blends the light-hearted fantasy of Harry Potter with the themes of faith and belonging of A Wrinkle in Time.

Meet The Characters: A Diverse Group Of Ninth Graders

The World Of Kareth


Surrounded by mountains, the village of Kareth has been isolated for over one hundred years, ever since the woods became too dangerous to traverse. Rumors of distant villages persist, but that's all they are. Rumors. Until Jason discovers the Fortress of Light. 


Kareth has been self-sufficient, but food's not growing like it used to. Some say the land is dying. Time is running out so a team called "The Southern Expedition" is created to discover new, more habitable lands. What they bring back will haunt Kareth forever. 

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